1. AS-360611 Ink Fountain Felt (blade) M1000A, AI, AII

2. AS-5408295 Ink Fountain Felt (block) M1000BE

3. AS-353325 Bearer Wipe Felt M1000A, AI, AII, B, BE

4. AS-402-6 Bearer Wipe Felt (Lift of Bearer Wipe)

5. AS-515139 Ink Fountain Felt (Block) M1000BE

6. AS-473631 Ink Fountain Felt (Block) M1000AII, B

7. AS-473865 Ink Fountain Seal WS (Block) M1000B

8. AS-473866 Ink Fountain Seal GS (Block) M1000B


Ink fountain felts feature a wax dipped front for improved sealing against the ink fountain roller.


Items 7 & 8 are often overlooked. This rubber peel & stick seal is applied between the end-cheek and felt.