Technology Integrators, representing products to improve productivity in the pressroom and bindery, introduces a new alternative to signature log handling. The Signature Log Clamp creates an efficient, ergonomic, & safe workplace where operators lift, transfer & position signature logs in the pressroom or bindery. Clamp sizes are available for all log palletization needs as well as all product sizes.

Standard Sizes:
  • 23 Close - 31 Open / Cross Tie Palletization
  • 29 Close - 41 Open / Skid Width Palletization
  • 36 Close - 48 Open / Skid Length Palletization

Product Sizes:
  • Quarter Fold
  • Tabloid
  • Double Digest

Smart Air Logic

The SLC clamp's air logic has evolved into the most user friendly control platform on the market.

Non-Rotate Air Logic Includes:
  • Auto Open or Jog Open
  • Auto Close
  • Open Safety Interlock
  • Open Indicator Light
  • Up/Down Speed Control

Rotate SLC Features:
  • Auto Rotate Reset
  • Auto Position Plate Reset
  • Rotate 90° cw, 90° ccw, 180°
  • Rotate Speed Control
  • Rotate Lock-out Switch
  • Rotate Directions Switch
  • Position Plate Setup Switch

90° & 180° Rotation

All rotating clamps rotate 90° cw, 90° ccw and 180° satisfying every rotation requirement. To change from 90° to 180° rotation, simply flip toggle switch to setup mode, pull pin, and install in appropriate location. To change from 90° cw to 90° ccw simply flip direction toggle switch.

Ergonomic Handles

The handle design including width, height, angle & position has evolved from 10 years of customer feedback, resulting in a truly ergonomic design.

Swing Arm Handle Standard Handle
SLC Handles Include:
  • Logical Controls - the left hand controls the open and closing of the clamp. The right hand controls the up and down movement.
  • Comfort - height and angle of handles fully adjust for operator comfort
  • Flexibility - handles can be mounted on left-side, right-side, end-mount or swing arm


Safety and clamp design have been hand in hand with the evolution of the SLC.

SLC Safety Features:
  • Bellows Safety Covers - protects operator from dangerous pinch points
  • Open Safety Interlock - prevents the SLC from opening with log
  • Air Safety Valve - prevents SLC from malfunction if air supply is lost
  • Clamping Force - SLC generates 1210# of clamping force at 80 psi
Safety Bellows

Perfect Alignment

The most important factor to successful log rotation is clamping the log in the center, both horizontally and vertically. The linear slide vertical positioner and positioning plate horizontal positioner are easily adjusted to the height and width of the log allowing perfect rotation every time.

Veritcal Positioner
Horizontal Positioner