A New Alternative

Technology Integrators, representing products to improve productivity in the pressroom and bindery, introduces a new alternative for signature log handling needs.

Ergonomic Design

The Vaculex Vacuum Lift creates an efficient, ergonomically-designed workplace where operators safely lift, transfer and position signature logs in the pressroom or bindery.

Vaculex Vacuum Lift
& Free-Standing Bridge Crane



Signature Log Horizontal

Signature Log Vertical

Box Application



Control Handles



Microlex makes light work of items weighing up to 70 pounds with its easy-to-use design featuring one hand control. Microlex is ideal for boxes.


Vaculex offers superior lifting power for the heaviest of signature logs on the backbone, lap, head, foot, or endboard. Vaculex is ideal for logs horizontal or vertical.



Safety Solutions


Endboard Safety Valve
Patented by Vacutrade

Threaded Tube Connectors
Prevent Leakage
Patented by Vacutrade

High Efficiency Pump
Field Rebuildable